Social Enterprise World Forum In Christchurch

The Sticks ‘n Stones camp is in full swing! Christchurch has become our HQ for the next few weeks while we take part in the Vodafone Change Accelerator… watch this space!!!!

Part of this experience brought the opportunity to attend the Social Enterprise World Forum last week, but more exciting than that, I got to wear THREE lanyards at once and feel like a real adult!!

Karla and I spent three days at the conference, connecting with like-minded people from around the globe- networking is always fantastic at these events, a real opportunity to make new connections and learn from the best. The panel on embracing technology within social enterprise was very interesting…

Key point

Apps are always seen as a way to save the world, but unless they are Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, then the likelihood is no one is going to download it… unless it is specifically related to improving your quality of life on a daily basis (e.g. supporting a disability) so have the days of ‘There’s an app for that’ passed?

Food for thought?

I went to a session on engaging the next generation (young people) in social enterprise (Hey, that’s me, I’m the next generation so I was SUPER excited) BUT…. There was only one other person under 20 in the room…. (and she was awesome, Ella SHOUTOUT) Okay to put that in perspective… that’s like getting a mechanic to fix a broken arm. Yeah, no thank-you. Why when there are so many incredible young people taking on leadership roles and totally rockin’ it, are adults still speaking about us or for us?  The session did still raise some good points, but if you want to know why you’re struggling to engage young people, just go ask us. WARNING: sometimes you may not like the answer, but if you don’t, then chances are they have just been totally honest with you! There is bloody cool shit happening everywhere, social enterprise is a way to sustainably make the world a better place.

My advice,

If you have a cool idea, chances are someone else out there is thinking something similar. There is often no need to start from scratch, why waste time and resources on something, someone else has already done?  LET’S CONNECT!

The purpose of life is the work together to leave this place better than what we found it- share successes and help other people change the world too (wow that got deep quick).


Ashleigh Smith- Lanyard Loving Board Chair of Sticks n Stones

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