This is new territory – we are creating new learnings, ways of thinking, being and connecting through creativity.

“We explore ideas and ways to achieve our goals in a way that isn’t conventional and black and white. We see in colour and aren’t at ALL close minded.”

There is no one way for change to happen. Fostering curiosity, receptivity to change and encouraging everyone to live our purpose in the way that makes sense to them is what will get us to our common goals.

This means supporting our members to come up with their own ideas and take the lead on these projects.  The result?  Innovative and creative tools, resources and campaigns.

"We thought there had to be something we could do that would be different and could help someone to not feel so helpless".
Keryn, ICON co founder and Project Manager, Sticks ’n Stones Advocate, Age 19



In Case of Online Negativity (ICON)

Web Application

ICON is a free Web App for dealing with issues online.

Designed by teens to offer you a first step to working out your options and a way forward.

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Project Positive

Social Media Campaign

Hey You, You’re Awesome!  Pass it on!

Project Positive is a campaign promoting positivity online and off.

We all have the power to make someone’s day brighter!  One person at a time, we can play our part and connect our efforts to make a real difference.

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Hey Joe

Card Game

The ‘Hey Joe’ Card game is a game for 3-4 players aged 8 and up.

It is a fantastic way to engage students in understanding bullying behaviours and the range of ways it can occur.  

Hey Joe also has discussion prompts and provides a great springboard for discussions about responding to bullying and developing empathy for those experiencing bullying behaviours

This is available free to print, laminate and play.

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