Year 7/8


Full Year
19 fortnightly sessions
In schools


Yes per school

Course Themes:

Looking After Me
Me and Others
My Place in the World
Understanding Bullying
Taking Positive Action
Being Prepared

Over 19 fortnightly sessions, ambassadors volunteer their break times to take part in games and activities that develop skills and confidence around accepting and respecting themselves and others.

This is a key age for collaborative learning as their relationships and interactions often become more complicated and social media may start to be a part of their lives.

Sessions run for between 45 minutes and an hour and are delivered by a Sticks ‘n Stones Community Facilitator often with support from a staff member who takes on the role of ‘Champion’.

Bullying is most common for 11-14 year olds so this is a really important time for young people to have the tools and skills to feel confident to prevent, recognise and challenge it.  

The Ambassador programme can build from the Junior Ambassador programme or stand alone.

Since 2015, we have been collaborating with our High School advocates to co create, revise and improve our programme and we now have almost 300 Year 7/8 ambassadors taking part.

This programme is currently only available in Central Otago.


  • Being an Ambassador
  • Knowing Yourself
  • Self Talk
  • Kindness & Empathy
  • What is Bullying?
  • Exploring Bullying & The role of the Bystander
  • What Bystanders Can Do
  • Other Ways you can Give support
  • Responding to Bullying Behaviours
  • Resilience & Bouncing Back
  • Difference & Diversity
  • Options if you are being bullied
  • Understanding and Exploring Norms
  • Our Emotions
  • Citizenship in the Digital Age
  • Being Positive Online
  • Cyberbullying and Online Harm
  • Online Tools and the Law
  • Reflection and Celebration

These are strengths based, social and emotional learning opportunities that work together to support our ambassadors to have a range of tools and strategies they can choose from in different situations.

Ambassadors have time and support each session to plan their own activities and events to run within their school to share their learning with other students.

They reflect each fortnight on their learning and give feedback about the sessions so that they can be improved or changed.

Ambassadors can take part in the programme for 1 or 2 years with variations available for those that choose to continue into the second year.


Feedback from Ambassadors:

I am confident and better with dealing in situations.  The bullying has stopped lots in our class.

Sarah, 12


I feel more stronger in an emotional way

Amber-Rose, 11


I feel better as myself as a person and also know how to stand up to bullying

George, 12


I use to be a little shy around some people and went a different way if I saw them. Now I stand tall and walk past them with pride.

Nina, 12


I kind of feel like I can open up more to people when I am getting bullied. I used to just be quiet about it and not really tell anyone. But now I have told people and things are getting better.

Lily, 12