Our courses are run all year through schools (usually outside of class time) for young people who volunteer to be part of creating change.

We empower our young people to take the lead within their schools and communities to challenge and change attitudes around bullying.  We do this through practical, interactive and collaborative training sessions that continue throughout the year to support ongoing growth and development.

They are a great place for discussions, having a laugh, talking things over, and feeling comfortable in your own skin.  There are many different opportunities to develop a range of skills and strategies as well as the confidence to stand up for yourself and others.

Fun and flexibility are important parts of how we do things. Good things happen when people are inspired and enjoying what they are doing (and when it relates back to real life).

"It’s a work space and a funspace"


Year 7-13

Our High School advocate groups have grown massively since they first started in five Central Otago schools in 2013. They give College or High School students in Otago the chance to make a difference in their schools and communities.

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Year 7/8

Our Year 7/8 ambassador programme supports young people as their relationships and interactions often become more complicated and social media starts to be a part of their lives.

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Junior Ambassadors

Year 5/6

For Year 5/6 students, our Junior Ambassador programme gives younger students the chance to build their understanding and skills in a fun, collaborative and encouraging environment.

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“Sticks n Stones teaches about the impacts bullying can have on someone and how to react if you are getting bullied. It raises awareness about these issues and is a safe place”