14-18 Year olds


Regional Activator Training Day
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Course Themes:

Powered by Facebook, the Online Advocate programme is a dynamic training approach combining in person workshops with online modules, webinars and online collaboration to empower teens to create positive change for time online and off.

We believe everyone has the right to be accepted and respected and that our diversity makes the world a better place to live and thrive. Our mission is to use the online space to amplify our potential to connect and share and give everyone a role in making a difference and together we create change.


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There are three main themes of the programme:

Find your voice

Raise your voice

Create Space (in your community for everyone to be accepted & respected)


The program will kick off with “regional activator” events held across the country in host schools. These full day workshops are attended by teams of 4-8 students from 4-6 local schools and a teacher champion who will support them back in school.

Workshops are high energy, interactive and give a range of practical activities, ideas and resources for kicking off the Online Advocate partnership in your school.


Young people are then given access/logins to our 'It starts with you' online platform.

It is here that they can also connect with other young people across the country and build continue to develop confidence and skills. Through a range of activities, resources and challenges they choose areas to explore and then put these into practice.

The online platform also gives supports for young people both to develop skills and confidence themselves and also to collaborate in their schools, communities and across the country to have a positive impact.

Monthly webinars that can be tuned into live or watched recorded later will also take place. These will feature awesome leaders, movers and shakers and activists sharing their experience and giving the chance to ask your questions and wonderings to think about what you can take from their experience.

Within each theme there are a range of activities, stories and options for young people to choose from. You can connect with mentors (including peer mentors) throughout your learning to share ideas or ask questions. There are also collaborative discussion spaces for young people to share ideas, work together and chat.

Sticks ‘n Stones is an award-winning youth organisation with a strong reputation for meaningful and authentic youth involvement.

International research recognises the impact of peer led approaches to creating positive social change.

Young people have expertise, enthusiasm, passion, commitment, creativity, initiative and genuine interest in building their skills and confidence to create real change.