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Instagram announces Comment Warning feature

NEW INSTA FEATURE While most of us would have seen the number of likes disappear from our Instagram feed in the last couple of weeks,  Instagram also dropped a new ‘Comment Warning’ feature using AI designed to detect offensive comments being typed by users. After the AI recognises the offensive or ‘borderline’ content, a warning will pop up prompting the…

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No more likes to see on Instagram- will it work?

The newest Instagram update has left many users a little confused. Instagram has started to trial in countries (including New Zealand) where the number of likes on a post is not publicly shown. Instagram plays an important role in the lives of many teens.  Its impact on our self-esteem is a topic that there is a lot of debate around.…

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Our Online Tool ICON launched today

After almost two years in the making, finally being able to share our online tool ICON feels amazing The idea for ICON came when I was presenting at a conference on the Gold Coast. The topic of the conference was bullying and our presentation was around young people taking action against bullying. An earlier presenter had shared an App developed…

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Getting Started with Snapchat

Wanting to set up a Snapchat account and keen to know what is involved? Lucy has created a quick video to talk you through all of the steps from getting an account set up through to sharing photos and even blocking someone.

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Trying out Instagram’s NEW Comment Moderation Tool

Tip took some time today to check out Instagram’s NEW comment moderation tool and to think about how this could curb his mum’s tendency to comment about how ‘cute’ he is in his Instagram posts… Check out the video below to see how you can enable this feature and how you can personalise it using the ‘Custom word’ feature Let…