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Instagram announces Comment Warning feature

NEW INSTA FEATURE While most of us would have seen the number of likes disappear from our Instagram feed in the last couple of weeks,  Instagram also dropped a new ‘Comment Warning’ feature using AI designed to detect offensive comments being typed by users. After the AI recognises the offensive or ‘borderline’ content, a warning […]

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No more likes to see on Instagram- will it work?

The newest Instagram update has left many users a little confused. Instagram has started to trial in countries (including New Zealand) where the number of likes on a post is not publicly shown. Instagram plays an important role in the lives of many teens.  Its impact on our self-esteem is a topic that there is […]


If it’s not gay, it’s not gay- Why our language matters

Misuse of the word ‘gay’ in place of words like ‘crap’ sends a clear message about acceptance and inclusion (or the lack of both of these). It says that we believe these words are interchangeable; that they mean the same thing.   I think it is also a subtle but damaging form of bullying. Unfortunately, a lot […]


13 Reasons Why Season Two- still as controversial???

Last year I wrote an opinion piece about the first season of 13 Reasons Why ( 13 Reasons Why Matters- This is Why)  that was published on Stuff. The first season was hugely controversial and there were so many articles and information being shared about the risks linked to young people watching it that I […]

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Our Online Tool ICON launched today

After almost two years in the making, finally being able to share our online tool ICON feels amazing The idea for ICON came when I was presenting at a conference on the Gold Coast. The topic of the conference was bullying and our presentation was around young people taking action against bullying. An earlier presenter […]


How the World of Difference does ‘what it says on the box’

The Vodafone World of Difference Programme launched in November 2002 and finished in March 2018. Over that time, the programme enabled more than 80 passionate people to work for a New Zealand youth charity for one year. The Foundation supported them financially and professionally so they could concentrate on creating change. Being one of the […]

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Kiwibank Local Hero Medallists 2018

This year we had two current Sticks ‘n Stones members and a past founding member recognised with Kiwibank New Zealander of the year Local Hero Medals at a ceremony in Dunedin. We were really thrilled to see James continue his success after picking up the Central Otago Youth Award earlier in the year.  As well […]

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First NZ winners of the Diana Award

The Diana Award is the longest running award for young people that is given to individuals and groups through a retrospective nomination process only. We believe this is special. Young people do not work towards the award, rather they demonstrate their suitability through their actions, without any expectation of reward. This is especially true of […]


Change in the Fast Lane- The Vodafone Change Accelerator

Do you have an innovative idea for creating change? Got great expertise in youth and community development? We want you to come away from the accelerator programme with a greater understanding of technology, future possibilities and yourself. We’ll be bringing in a range of experts and organisations to support your learning development on a range […]


Alex Ambassadors Celebrating Individuality

Inspired by an Elementary School from Indiana in the US, The Alexandra Primary School Year 7/8 Sticks ‘n Stones Ambassador Team took Linda Kranz’s Only One You picture book with its stunning rock fish illustrations and wanted to celebrate the individuality of all of the students in the school through a collaborative project. Only One You is […]