We have been working with Facebook since 2015 and together we have created incredible opportunities for young people to be safe and positive online. This has included campaigns, resources and events and our team have learned so much from this partnership.

The Vodafone Foundation

Life changed for us in 2016 when we became one of the Vodafone Foundation’s Community Partners.  Their support helped us to become an independent charity and to grow and develop our work.

New Zealand Fine Touring Group

Since 2015,  the NZ Fine Touring Group Team have thrown their support behind Sticks ’n Stones and helped us to improve and grow. We feel incredibly lucky for their belief in us and our work and value our partnership.  


We started working with Netsafe in 2015 through the Google Web Rangers Campaign. Since then we have learned an enormous amount from their team and have valued the opportunities that have come from our partnership.

Google NZ

After taking part in NZ’s first Web Rangers Campaign in 2014, we started a partnership with Google NZ.  This partnership has supported us to learn, grow and innovate and we are sincerely grateful for the support of Ross and the team.